Full-X trio

The band was formed in 1993. There are two musicians that always been a members of the band : Adam Fulara (guitar) and Tom Fulara (bass), and at this moment Michal Bednarz (drums) is also one of the band members. In 2011 the name of the band has been changed from Fool-X to Full-X trio.


Music of Full-X trio has an unique character. It is instrumental music (mostly jazz) with characteristic sound: Adam plays with touch technique with unusual (even between tappers) very fat, jazz-guitar sound (harmony and solos at the same time, or contrapuntal solos based on jazz tradition and J. S. Bach's music, or sometimes walking bass line and chords when bass player plays solo). Tom Fulara uses also bass guitar much like solo instrument: he plays many solos, slaps and pops, chords etc.

Full-X trio plays many gigs in famous Polish jazz clubs in big towns, but also outside Poland. In 2004 Adam Fulara won best musician price on National Jazz Festiwal in Sieradz, 1st prize on Polish National Competition of Guitr Improvisation (Kielce 2005), and Honourable (special prize) for "expanding jazz guitar area" in most prestigious jazz guitar competition in Europe "Guitar City" (2005). He makes also guitar workshops, and plays solo gigs.

Most of tunes are compositions of Full-X trio, but trio plays also many jazz standards.


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