· Two-handed tapping - my point of view (A. Fulara)
· Portato (A. Fulara)
· FAQ (A. Fulara)
· The model of counterpoint improvisation and the methods of improvisation in popular music (A. Fulara)


· Introduction (A. Fulara)
· The cat on the fence (A. Fulara)
· Christmas songs (A. Fulara)
· BWV 847 transcription (for advanced tappers) (Pierre Olivier Mérizzi, A. Fulara)
· Tapping Workshops in "Gitarzysta" (A. Fulara)
· Interesting quotes (-)


· Interview with Partyzant (A. Fulara)
· Interview with Bob Zabek (A. Fulara)
· Interview with Zefir - Cross-Handed Tapping (A. Fulara)
· Interview with Adam Fulara (The Burried Scrolls Magazine)
· Broadcast with Adam Fulara (Polish Radio "Afera")


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