Check out the free software written by Adam Fulara. To install: unpack, and copy JS/VST files to JS folder. If you want to run it as VST, you will need free ReaJS VST plugin.


Full/X Mipressor - Midi Expander Compressor v. 1.0

Change range of Midi dynamics. Input instrument volume level: from "Low" to "Hi". Output from 1-127 (full range + 0 for silent).

Full/X Mipressor


Usage: Insert this JS plugin before VSTi When you want to have VST instead of JS then use ReaJS free plugin Hidden sliders are available for automation. Enjoy.

download: Full/X Mipressor


Midi Vibrato JS/VST v. 1.0
Author: Adam Fulara
Graphics: Patryk Lipinski vel Lipa911

Mibrato is the MIDI JS effect (VST compatibile), working with Reaper, and with any VST host after installing ReaJS VST plugin.

Full/X Mibrato

What for is it? It will generate pitch bends MIDI traffic for your VSTi instruments. It was especially tested and designed to use with Axon 100 MK II Midi controller, with separate 6 channels signal, and pitchbend control for each string on separate channel.


GRID Functions and features: This software is provided "as" is, without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.

download: Full/X Mibrato

Full/X AXON Pitch

MIDI Pitch-bends-6-channels to CC-1-channel (JS/VST/KSP) v. 1.0

It's a free plugin for DAW software like Reaper, Cubase, Ableton etc dedicated to get more control using MIDI guitar synths like Axon AX 100, AX 50, Roland etc. with software sound module like NI Kontakt.

Full/X Axon pitch

Usualy mode of working is output 6 MIDI channels from guitar synth with separate MIDI signal from each string. It requires 6 channels in your DAW and 6 instances of Kontakt (it requires CPU and memory resources). You can use "MIDI OMNI" mode to play all 6 strings on one instance of Kontakt, but the problem is, that it can not interpret pitch bends from each string. When you make pitch bend on one string - it affects to anothers.

Full/X AXON pitch is a pair of scripts:

Instalation: in Reaper just copy first file to JS plugin directory, or if you don't know your plugin directory, in Reaper: FX (on track) > press A > right button mouse on JS > Create new JS FX > name: Full/X AXON pitch v. 1.0 > Edit > delete all contens > paste downloaded Full/X AXON pitch file from notepad into this plugin. You can use it in Cubase downloading ReaJS VST free plugin.

In NI Kontakt, open details of the instrument > Script Editor > choice one empty > Edit > paste KSP script from Notepad.

Configuration: Choice Midi out channel in JS/VST plugin, then choice the same MIDI channel in Kontakt, Enjoy playing guitar with one instance of NI Kontakt and acurate pitch bends.

Download: Full/X AXON Pitch

Full/X Midi Clock + SPP

JS script generates MIDI Clock + SPP (Song Pointer Position) for synchronization Reaper sequencer with external devices like drum machines, keyboards etc. Since 3.4 built in external clock doesn't work properly. You can have less than 1 ms synchronization using this plugin.

Full/X Midi Clock + SPP

Instalation: unpack and copy downloaded file to Reaper JS plugin directory, or unpack and open downloaded file using Notepad editor -> copy plugin text -> create new track -> press FX button-> press A -> right mouse button on JS -> "Create new js fx" - name: "X Midi Clock + SPP v. 1.0" -> press Edit -> press Ctrl+A -> press Del -> Paste Plugin text -> Save -> Compile All. In another sequencer (like Cubase) you would need free VST ReaJS plugin to do that.

Configuration: Create new MIDI track. Turn on this plugin (press FX -> Full/X Midi Clock + SPP), press IO button on the same track -> "MIDI Hardware Output" choice MIDI OUT port of your soundcard.

Plugin doesn't have any sliders, although you can compensate MIDI Clock if needed, in Reaper: CTRL+P -> MIDI Devices -> MIDI Outputs -> click on our MIDI OUT port -> Check only Enable output to this device option -> then Offset output to this device by: and write amount of miliseconds you would like to compensate. -3 ms is working with my AKAI XR 20 and 256 samples ASIO latency. I have less than 1 ms synchronization


Download: Full/X Midi Clock + SPP

Full/X Midi Dumper

Simple JS plugin (for Reaper or any VST host via ReaJS) for dumping empty guitar/bass strings (you can use max 12 strings guitars). It's feature needed for tapping playing.

Full/X Midi Dumper

Instalation: like other JS plugins (see above).


Place it at the beginning of the plugins chain.

Download: Full/X MIDI dumper

Fingerboard Master v. 1.02

Java game onlie.
Fingerboard Master
Play to learn guitar/bass fingerboard

Fingerboard Master MOBILE v. 1.0

Jave Game for mobile phones.
Fingerboard Master Mobile

Downlod .JAR - GAME
Download .JAD file

A. Fulara student's programs

Check out my students programs...

Full/X Arkanoid

Arkanoid JS Game made by Maciej Czekaj. It's JS/VST effect with famous Arkanoid Game. Install as JS Reaper's effect.

Full/X Arkanoid
Download: Full/X Arkanoid


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