Full-X trio

This is the tune from new Full-X CD called "An Introduction to Counterpoint" (2013). You can buy it online here.

Video & MP3 files

Full-X - Colosseum (track #6 from "An Introduction to Counterpoint")

Isn't she lovely - Counterpoint improvisation

Counterpoint improvisation #2 - Earth Song (M. Jackson)

750 years - Ostrzeszow (Adam Fulara)

Trailer. "Two-handed tapping - guitar workshop" (book+DVD)

Counterpoint improvisation #1 - Loose Yourself (Eminem)

Goldberg Variation No. 9 (J. S. Bach)

Goldberg Variation No. 18 (J. S. Bach)

Goldberg Variation No. 8 (J. S. Bach)

Polish Ways (A. Kurylewicz)

Full-X tiro - Tumba

BWV Bach files

Composer Title Mirrors* Size Time Date Codec
J. S. BachGoldberg Var. No. 21 2 MB0:512005-06WMV
J. S. BachGoldberg Var. no. 13 MB0:552005-08DivX 6
J. S. BachBWV 8478 MB1:502003-08XviD
J. S. BachBWV 7845 MB1:052003-07XviD
J. S. BachBWV 8487 MB1:172003-07XviD
* - Mirror: alternate link to the same file.

Other solo tunes

Composer Title Performer Size Time Date Codec
A. KurylewiczPolskie DrogiA. Fulara10 MB2:042009-04YouTube
KozmaAutumn LeavesD. Ziółek (b), K. Misiak (g),
A. Skolik (d), A. Fulara (dg)
30 MB9:022004-08DivX 5
S. JoplinMapple Leaf RagA. Fulara9 MB1:512003-07XviD
B. WithersJust the Two of UsA. Fulara10 MB2:102003-07XviD

Full-X trio

Composer Title Mirrors Size Time Date Codec
Tom FularaTumba25 MB4:302008-02YouTube
Fool-XDoublesred (ex.)2,5 MB2:302006-11mp3
Fool-XI'm the czlowiek4,4 MB4:302006-11mp3
DavisSo What1 15 MB6:302005-12WMV
Fool-XNi ma zdrowia2MB4:372005-10MP3
DavisTutu - video20 MB8:372005-10WMV
Fool-XBajla3 MB5:202005-05MP3
Simon & MarksAll of Me (counterpoint)2 MB4:452005-06MP3
Fool-XBajla-radio poster0,6 MB0:202004-12MP3
Fool-X''Bobi'' solo (frag.)5 MB3:432004-10MP3

Other media files

Recording Title Mirrors Size Time Date Codec
BBC RadioInterview6,2 MB6:452006-10mp3
TV ProARTFool-X trio - koncert w Odolanowie70 MB15 min2006-04WMV
M. NiechciałGuitar City 20051 4 MB2 min2005-12WMV


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