Tom Fulara (bass) about himself

Tom FularaHi! My name is Tom Fulara. I'm 45. I'm from Poland. I'm a Mathematics graduate at Wroclaw University (it's a famous university in Poland). My speciality is Mathematics in Economy and Insurance.

I first started to play the guitar when I was 13. One year later I started to play bass guitar. First I played hard rock and heavy metal with "Vanitas Vanitatis", "Speed" and "Salieri", and later with the band "Fool-X". I also learned bass technique from books, but the most important things were inspiration from the gigs of famous bass players and the advice of my brother Adam who graduated from Music School. Then I started to play bass as a solo instrument. I played gigs with my solo project "Fulik & Jodek" where I played only with a drummer. After a few years (in 1998), with Adam we started to play only jazz and fusion instrumental music in a trio-format band (drums, bass and tapping-guitar), and we play this kind of music now...

I played for three years (2003-2006) with the famous Polish singer Andrzej Cierniewski as a session musician.

In 2007 with two of my friends I started a bass guitar trio called Be 3. We played many great gigs in Germany (European Bass Days 2007 in Viersen) and Italy (European Bass Days 2007 in Verona - main stage). Check out my MySpace profile

Tom Fulara



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Effects: G-Lab WOWEE-WAH BWW-1.

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M. Miller, W. Pilichowski, M. King, J. Patitucci, J. Pastorius, S. Harris, L. Claypool, K. Scieranski


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