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REK Guitars - best choice for you!

RotoSound strings - finnest choice!

Taurus - wzmacniacze basowe

BOX - best amplifires for two-handed tapping!

Merlin Pickups

Professional Cables

GMR gitary basowe

G-Lab efekty gitarowe

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Adam's gear for tappers

  • Rek Guitars - Excellent guitars (not only for tapping). I have doublenecked REK guitar for tapping, see Gear section for details. High class luthier job in good prices.

  • Rotosound - Tapping strings (Roto Red's)

  • Taurus - Tapping amps and effects

  • BOX Electronics - Tapping amps for MIDI

  • Merlin Pickups - Tapping pickups

  • Red's Music - Instrument cables

  • G-Lab - Tapping effects

Wortals about touch technique

  • Tappistry.org - Discussion board about two-handed tapping. There are also a lot of resources and links.


  • Jimmie Webster - father of two-handed tapping.

  • Stanley Jordan - Most famous tapper at the world.

  • Enver Izmailov - He plays electric 6 string guitar with touch technique. He lives in Crimea, Ukraine, and has unique tap-style. There are some of his tunes in Real Audio format. In my opinion this is one of most important tappers have I ever heard.

  • Mathias Sorof - My friend from E-Tap 2004. He plays stick and regular guitar, and sometimes both. I like his guitar-like sound of the stick.

  • Jeff Moen - jazz style stick player.

  • Hettory - guitar player using 2-handed tapping

  • Fred Eisler - Tapping jazz-pop player from Vienna

Other sites

  • Be3 - Bass super-group with Tom Fulara.

  • William Dotto - Guitar player from Italy (uses two-handed tapping).

Carlos Po, Music Productions London

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