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Polish tappers

I placed here some Polish tappers (who wanted to be here) in alphabetical order.

  • Roman GizaName: Roman Giza
    e-mail: romanstick@yahoo.es
    City: Barcelona (Spain) - born in Nowa S贸l (ur. Nowa S贸l)
    Instrument: Chapman Stick
    Description: 10 string Stick. Tuning: (from bas side) C1,E1,G#1,C,E,G#,c,e,g#,c1
    Inspirations: Chopin, beer A.K.damm, long-legs blonde, Polish autumn, poems of Dariusz Bojda, tourists near Picasso Museum in Barcelona... Two tunes You can download at www.stickcenter.com.

  • Grzegorz Kosi艅skiName: Grzegorz Kosi艅ski
    e-mail: grzegorzkosinski@poczta.fm
    www: http://www.youtube.com/user/BassGK
    City: Gliwice
    Instrument: Bass guitar
    Description: Spector Legend 5 classic (strojony EADGC), Spector Legend 6 classic (strojony HEADGC lub EADGCF). Check out MySpace site: http://www.myspace.com/bassgk.
    Inspirations: W.A.Mozart, F.Chopin, L.v.Beethoven, J.S.Bach, Y.Malmsteen.

  • 艁ukasz KubaszakName: 艁ukasz Kubaszak
    e-mail: kubaszak@gmail.com
    www: http://www.myspace.com/respice
    City: Pozna艅/Wrze艣nia
    Instrument: Mobius Megatar MaxTapper, GMR 6 Bassforce Single Cut.
    Description: 10 strings Warr, tune: Deep Matched Reciprocal, measure 36''.
    Inspirations: Trey Gunn, Tony Levin, King Crimson, Ravi, Nusrat

  • Kuba Name: Kuba "Wygryz" Nowak
    e-mail: cubics@go2.pl
    City: 艁贸d藕
    Instrument: Luthier copy of Warr Guitar (by Magnus Krempel)
    Description: 10 string Warr, neck set-in. Tuning: 5th tuning and one 3th major at the solo side, color: red.
    Inspirations: Trey Gunn, Tony Levin, Markus Reuter, Kuno Wagner, Michael Gosh.

  • Name: Daniel "Osiat" Osiatycki
    e-mail: dosiatycki@wp.pl
    City: Jawor
    Instrument: 5 string bass and luthier copy of Warr Guitar(Magnus Krempel).
    Description: 10 string Warr, neck set-in. Tuning: 5th tuning and one 3th major at the solo side, contact mobile phone (+48) 606478656
    Inspirations: Trey Gunn, Tony Levin, Pastorius i Meeshel.

  •  Partyzant (Krzysztof Toczko)Name: Partyzant (Krzysztof Toczko)
    e-mail: partyz@wp.pl
    www: http://partyzant.eu
    City: Bydgoszcz
    Instrument: Guitars: Gibson Les Paul and Fender Telecaster (standard tunning).
    Description: Style: Blues, rock, tapping solo. Partyzant had been played with famous Polish bands like "Dzem" and "Zdrowa Woda".
    Inspirations: Chopin, Korn, Jimi Hendrix

  • Name: Rafa艂 Prajwowski
    e-mail: rafalprajwowski@wp.pl
    City: Szczecin
    Instrument: Grand Stick luthier copy.
    Description: Tunning in fifths.
    II-ENO, Kraftwerk, Namlook & Hawtin, Spacetime Continuum...
    III-Bach, Satie, Rimski-Korsakow, Strawi艅ski, Prokofiew, Reich, Feldman, Penderecki, G贸recki...
    IV-Torn, Hassel, Weber, Garbarek...
    V-Sharp, Frith, The Wild Mans Band, Sweethearts In Drugstore, Ghost In The Machine, Holz Fur Europa...

  • Name: Rafa艂 Ratajczak
    e-mail: mahabresq@poczta.onet.pl
    City: Bydgoszcz
    Instrument: Chapman Stick nr 351
    Description: 10 string (1992), stickup, truss rod, old bridge type, baritone tuning, strings: medium.

  • Name: Marek "Zefir" W贸jcicki
    e-mail: zefirstudio@op.pl
    www: http://www.zefir.kylos.pl/
    City: Warszawa
    Instrument: Gitary (Witkowski Custom Guitars modele Zefir 1 i Zefir 2)
    Description: Standard tunning (E, B, G, D, A, E), Zefir uses two-handed tapping and picking techniques as well. Music: improvised avant-garde music, Zefir plays two-handed tapping with crossed hands.

  • Krzysztof WyrwaName: Krzysztof Wyrwa
    e-mail: chilumi@gmail.com
    www: http://www.myspace.com/frittata
    City: Krak贸w
    Instrument: 10-string Warr Artist
    Description: Tunning: EADGC EADGC
    Inspirations: John Patitucci, Gary Willis, Bela Fleck & the Flecktones, Trey Gunn & KC :), Yves Carbonne, Bill Bruford's Earthworks, Jan Garbarek

  • Bob ZabekName: Bob Zabek
    e-mail: bobzabek@gmx.at
    City: Vienna (Wiede艅, Austria)
    Instrument: 6 or 7-string guitars (for example Ibanez JEM77-BFP)
    Description: Born 15th of July 1981 in WELS(Upper Austria), half Polish, half Austrian. Live in Vienna, in 2003 has recived scholarship for BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC.

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