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Special thanks

    I would thanks to:
  • God
  • My family for support
  • my band for great playing
  • Krzysztof "jazzychris" Inglik for graphics
  • Radomil Rek for text translation, videos and photos
  • Katarzyna Lipnicka for text translation
  • Kosciak for RSS channel
  • Jacek Kielczewski for text translation (workshops, interview)
  • Mathew Francis for text revision (Portato article)
  • Roger Paxton for text revision
  • Michal Bernardyn for logo (movies)
  • Everyone at pl.rec.muzyka.gitara and Guitar Zone who helped me to do English translation

RSS - News channel

Newsletter will be not supporter anymore. We started RSS - news channel (What is RSS? Click here). Now you can use your favourite browser or e-mail client to read Fulara.com news. It's safe, comfortable and fast. If you have never used it, you need only 5 minutes to figure out how it works. It works with Firefox (>2.0), Thunderbird (>2.0), Internet Explorer (>7.0), Opera, Safari, many special applications, and probably your favourite browser / e-mail client.

For example. If you use Mozilla Firefox (browser), you can use dynamic Favourite link (Just click RSS and later click subscription). You can use also very comfortable plugin for Firefox, like Wiz RSS (recommended).

In Thunderbird (e-mail client), every news is like e-mail message. Just create new account - RSS - give the name of account. Later please clik this account, manager, and give the adress of RSS channel: http://adam.fulara.com/rss/ . That's it. Should works fine.

In case of any problems with RSS feel free to e-mail me. Best regards.

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